31 May 2015

Crab Classroom Art Project

Here is an art lesson I did with my Year One class (first grade). We were only a few weeks into school and my students needed something relatively easy and straightforward. We were still learning classroom procedures and they were still getting to know me as their teacher. 

With these art projects, please keep in mind that I teach them for one day a week. I have just one hour to start, finish (and hopefully display) an artwork.

This crab artwork complemented our unit of work on 'water' and another on 'animals'. 

For the art appreciation section of my lesson, we talked about warm colours and viewed an artwork on the IWB. To do an art discussion with young students I find it easy to direct their attention to something clearly observable in the artwork - colour, line, shape, texture etc - and ask them specific questions about it. This encourages them to begin thinking about artworks and other artists. We gradually through the year can begin talking about art in a more abstract way, as they get used to talking and sharing. 

Here are the steps I drew for the directed drawing: 

And if you would like to see my program page for this lesson, find it at Google Drive 

30 May 2015

Frog Art Making

Last week my class made these adorable frog artworks. We read a frog based story that complemented our unit of work on water. I cannot remember the title, but when I am back at school I will find it!

Here are just a few of them. 

I started with a 'directed drawing' and then guided the students through completing their artwork with oil pastel and a thin paint wash. We mounted them on thin card and then drew a few white oil pastel clouds on them also. 

My students loved making these and they were so proud of themselves. 

You can find the lesson details  from my program page HERE

Have you completed any frog themed artworks?

- Mel