25 December 2015

More Christmas Art Projects

Here are some more art projects that we did in our first grade classroom this year!

I will pop back soon with my program notes and plans. 

Measuring strips of paper helped us make these Brenex paper Christmas trees. 

'Surprised Reindeers' are always a hit!

My students loved creating their own paper Christmas tree using step-by-step directions

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22 December 2015

Polar Bear Artworks

We did some polar bear artworks in our final weeks of school. Supplies were very low, but we had some coloured art paper and lots of white oil pastel left!

We talked about polar bears and where they live. We viewed lots of polar bear artworks online and talked about how artists could represent a white subject visually. 

We looked at this art project and I directed the students in drawing a sleepy polar bear. 










We loved how they turned out!