Seahorse Art Project

Here is a lesson I did in 2014. We did a directed drawing of a seahorse as part of a marine / ocean unit of work. I just directed the students to draw a seahorse using an illustration I found in a picture book - but if you need more step-by-step details, you may find one on Pinterest to assist. 

This lesson is a good example of one where your best laid plans end up changing. We used crepe paper scraps and water to achieve a sea textured background.

My beautiful students ended up experimenting with the crepe paper to find better ways to use it than I had planned. I demonstrated how to create the water effect with strips of paper, and they found that scrunching it, wetting it and dabbing it provided more 'watery' markings. Let your students be creative! They also asked for green paper to create seaweed, which was not in my planning, but I easily accommodated. 

I encouraged the students to fill their seahorse with patterns and fun colours. 

We drew and coloured in one session and did the messy background work to finish in the second session.  

In this photo below you can see that I purchased plastic plant pots to use as water tubs. They are big and have a solid firm base. With all that brush washing and tapping that happens, a solid container works best! 

If you would like my program notes, please find them in Google Drive HERE

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