Australian Dry Environment Art

These gorgeous artworks are from a Year Two class I work with once a week. The teacher that implemented this lesson integrated it with a 'Wet and Dry Environments' unit of work and with a particular study of Australian deserts. 

It was completed in stages and as you can see, had a lovely 3D effect on the display wall. 

To start, students scribbled with desert colours on art paper. They then did a thin orange paint wash over the paper. When it was dry they scrunched it up, to achieve a dry arid land effect. 

To make the snake, they covered a piece of paper with lovely bright rich coloured crayons. A thin coat of black paint was then applied, and before it dried students scratched scribble marks with the end of their brush to reveal some colourful lines (crayon under the paint). 

Once dry, the snake was cut out and glued onto the background. The students did not glue it flat, instead, lifting sections and applying glue in random places to achieve the 3D effect. 

Maps and posers showing Australian deserts environments were displayed with the artworks.

This artwork would make an excellent accompaniment to the Aboriginal Dreamtime story 'The Rainbow Snake". 

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