Frog Life Cycle Hats

This week my students made a Frog Life Cycle hat. We had the role of presenting at our weekly assembly. These hats provide a fantastic way of combining a 'performance' style presentation with a showcase of our learning. I found the templates HERE

I demonstrated the entire activity before I handed out materials. I also showed some simple frog life cycle animations from YouTube to revise our learning on frogs. 

1. We coloured all the life cycle stages (this links in with our work on animals, information reports and explanations). 

We cut all the template pieces. I still have students learning to cut effectively, so this was a great fine motor activity as well. 

2. We glued the template pieces to make the frog face. 

3. We glued the life cycle pictures, and wrote about each stage on the hat band. 

4. I reminded students to glue the stage pictures close to the frog face, because the ends get trimmed off. 

5. Here are our hats ready for our assembly performance. 

My students LOVED making these hats. They were engaged, excited about their learning and it built anticipation for the upcoming assembly. 

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I love that I can share some ideas from my classroom and connect with other teachers around the world!

- Mel 

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